We are saddened to report that Edna passed away unexpectedly on November 26, 2008, the night before Thanksgiving. She was the oldest certified person in the world for nearly fifteen months, and plans were already in the making for what would have been her sweet little 116th. She simply went to sleep after a Thanksgiving lunch with Kirk's uncle and aunt and never awoke. It is hard to say that a passing at 115 is unexpected, but Edna's truly was. We were honored to know her.

Edna Parkerwas born April 20, 1893. 

That's right
: 1-8-9-3. 

Grover Cleveland became the twenty-fourth U.S. president one month earlier.

She was born on the same day and year as silent-movie star Harold Lloyd, whose greatest success, Safety Last, occurred in 1923, eighty-five years ago.

You can read about Edna's amazing life in her Wikipedia  entry. 

Here is a recently rediscovered photo from a family reunion. It's being used to illustrate a new story called "Manning the House," which appears in the August 08 issue of Oranges & Sardines. Edna is at far left, second row, with her hands crossed. Her son, Clifford (Kirk's grandfather), is in the front row at far right in the overalls.

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